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Audere Consulting Launches "Leadership Twelve": A Modular Coaching Program for Enhanced Leadership Communication

Are Communication Skills Crucial in Networking and Sales Success?

Audere Consulting is proud to announce the launch of "Leadership Twelve," an innovative coaching program designed to elevate organizational leadership through targeted communication skills training. Recognizing that effective leadership hinges on superior communication abilities, Leadership Twelve offers a customizable framework that allows organizations to select from twelve essential focus areas, tailoring the program to meet their unique needs.

The Twelve Essential Areas of Mastery

  1. Making a Great First Impression: First impressions set the tone for all subsequent interactions. This module equips leaders with techniques to make positive and lasting initial impressions.

  2. Effective Listening: Listening is a critical component of communication. This area focuses on active listening strategies that ensure leaders understand and respond effectively to their team members.

  3. Speaking with Clarity: Clear communication prevents misunderstandings. This module teaches leaders how to articulate their thoughts and ideas succinctly and clearly.

  4. Nonverbal Communication: Much of what we communicate is nonverbal. Leaders learn to master body language, facial expressions, and other nonverbal cues to reinforce their verbal messages.

  5. Speaking with Confidence: Confidence inspires trust and respect. This area helps leaders build self-assurance in their speaking abilities, making them more persuasive and authoritative.

  6. Feedback Delivery: Constructive feedback is vital for growth. This module provides strategies for delivering feedback in a helpful, respectful, and motivating way.

  7. Speaking with Empathy: Empathetic communication fosters strong relationships. Leaders learn to connect with their audience emotionally, demonstrating understanding and concern.

  8. Communication Adaptability: Flexibility in communication is essential in diverse work environments. This area focuses on adapting communication styles to various audiences and situations.

  9. Conflict Resolution: Effective conflict-resolution skills are crucial for maintaining harmony. Leaders are trained to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively.

  10. Storytelling: Stories captivate and inspire. This module teaches leaders how to use storytelling to engage their audience and convey their message compellingly.

  11. Presentation Mastery: Presentations are a common leadership task. Leaders learn the skills needed to deliver engaging and impactful presentations.

  12. Speaking with Influence: Influential speaking drives change. This area focuses on techniques to persuade and motivate others through powerful and influential speech.

Customizable Within a Set Framework

Leadership Twelve's modular approach allows organizations to tailor the program to their specific needs. Each organization can choose the areas most relevant to its leadership goals, ensuring the training is impactful and practical. The set framework ensures a consistent and structured approach, maximizing the effectiveness of the coaching.

Maximizing Impact and Carryover

The goal of Leadership Twelve is to improve communication skills and ensure lasting impact and carryover into daily leadership practices. By focusing on real-world applications and providing ongoing support, Audere Consulting ensures that the skills learned in the program are integrated into the participants' everyday interactions and leadership strategies.


Leadership Twelve by Audere Consulting is a groundbreaking program designed to build stronger, more effective leaders through enhanced communication skills. Organizations can focus on the areas most critical to their success by offering a customizable and modular coaching approach. With Leadership Twelve, Audere Consulting is setting a new standard for leadership development that prioritizes clarity, confidence, empathy, and influence in communication.

For more information about the Leadership Twelve program, please visit our website or schedule a strategy call. 

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