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12-Week Executive Speaking Experience - Spaces Available!

Updated: Jan 20

12-Week Executive Speaking Experience - Spaces Available!

Are you tired of...

Being frustrated?

Not being heard?

Not having the presence you desire?

Not feeling validated?

Not having confidence when you speak?

It's time to change that.

Start your 2024 off right. Invest in yourself or your team with this 12-week tailored executive speaking experience with our highly trained coaches.

You will receive one-on-one coaching with our coaches and consultants here at Audere following the framework below.

Only 10 spaces are left for January 2024, so reserve your slot today:

Session 1: Understanding Goals and Assessing Current Skills

Introduction to the program and establishing expectations. Self-assessment: Identifying strengths and areas for improvement in communication. Goal setting: Defining specific targets for collaboration, communication, relationship building, confidence, and message clarity.

Session 2: Foundations of Effective Communication

Exploring the fundamentals of effective communication. Verbal and non-verbal communication: Understanding their impact. Active listening techniques and their role in collaboration and relationship-building.

Session 3: Enhancing Confidence in Public Speaking

Techniques for building confidence in speaking. Overcoming stage fright and nervousness. Practicing confidence-building exercises and techniques.

Session 4: Crafting Clear and Concise Messages

Principles of crafting clear and concise messages. Strategies for eliminating jargon and unnecessary information. Practice sessions for delivering clear and impactful messages.

Session 5: The Power of Storytelling in Communication

Understanding the impact of storytelling in speeches and presentations. Structuring narratives to engage and inspire. Crafting and practicing personal or business-related stories.

Session 6: Building Collaborative Communication Skills

Techniques for fostering collaboration through speech. Role-playing exercises focusing on collaborative communication. Identifying and overcoming communication barriers in team settings.

Session 7: Advanced Techniques in Persuasive Communication

Understanding persuasive communication strategies. Developing the ability to influence through speech. Role-playing and practicing persuasive techniques.

Session 8: Tailoring Communication Styles for Relationship Building

Recognizing different communication styles and their impact on relationships. Adapting communication styles for different personalities. Practical exercises for building rapport through speech.

Session 9: Non-Verbal Communication and Body Language

Understanding the significance of body language in communication. Techniques for positive body language and gestures. Practice sessions focusing on aligning verbal and non-verbal communication.

Session 10: Improving Presentation Skills

Enhancing presentation skills for impactful communication. Structuring compelling presentations. Feedback and refinement of presentation techniques.

Session 11: Addressing Specific Communication Challenges

Individualized session addressing specific challenges or concerns. Tailored exercises and strategies to overcome personal hurdles.

Session 12: Review, Feedback, and Future Development

Reviewing progress and achievements against set goals. Receiving feedback and discussing areas for continuous improvement. Developing a plan for ongoing growth and applying learned skills in professional settings.

This outline offers a structured approach to improving executive speaking skills, fostering collaboration, enhancing communication, and building strong relationships through speech. Adjustments can be made based on individual needs and progress throughout the coaching program.

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